Monday, February 11, 2013

Interim Break

Interim break is always a great time for the Oles. The week rest from class, countless hours in the library, and the day in day out grind of J-term allows us to spend more energy and focus on our skiing. This rare opportunity for us to have such a prime ski racing mind set lead to big improvements for everyone. Most of the team spent their days training at Loveland and Copper Mountain Resorts in Colorado while a few of our fastest athletes went to Sugar Bowl California for three days of technical racing. 
The men's team sent senior captains Nate Hanson and Pål Proitz as well as Håkon Schonheyder to battle it out in the west with young Nathalie Kenny our other two captains Katie Ulvestad and Madison McLachlan for the women. Tough course sets caused the Oles to hit a couple of speed bumps along the way. However, short memories and composed minds lead to success. Collectively the men and women mustered the agility to make it through the quick courses and put together ten top ten finishes. Håkon Schonheyder had the best individual finish, just off the podium in fourth place. These races gave our athletes a lot of great race experience. For some, racing is much more of a challenge than training. It takes a different state of mind and a longer lasting memory. With nationals just around the corner, it was a tremendous opportunity for our top tier athletes to test their racing techniques at a high profile race. They left California with confidence knowing they had overcome adversity. 

Back in Colorado the rest of the team worked hard to improve. Guest coach Joe Paul provided the team with a new set of ideas as to how to improve the things people had been working on. In this uniquely intense interim break environment leap and bounds were made by all. We saw athletes pushing themselves harder than ever. The lengthly courses at 12,000 ft quickly made for worn out bodies, though. Nonetheless, the team keep pushing each other to new heights. Unfortunately, when people take chances injury rates increase. Miranda Ness crashed hard in giant slalom training, and was diagnosed with a concussion. She flew home the following day, and is currently doing everything in her power to recover and put herself in a position to some back swinging. Jack Stang also had a big wreck during a giant slalom run and tweaked his knee. Diligently, he rehabbed it while still in Colorado and managed to still make it out on the snow. He should be back to full strength for this weekend's divisional race at St. Olaf's home hill, Afton Alps. 

As our trip neared its end, the California group flew through the night back to Colorado for one more day of racing and one more day of training. Tuesday morning the whole team woke together and made their way to Loveland for a tough day of racing. One of our biggest rivals, Sierra Nevada College, sent a few of their racers. Also, many division one schools were in the race. So, needless to say the competition was stiff. Håkon Schonheyder again lead the mens team, finishing in fourtysecond place scoring a fifty point FIS result. He was followed by our Germany, Florien Weil in sixty eighth place. Florien scored a sixty eight point FIS result. Mckenna McNabb, who just got back from spending her interim in Ecuador, hit the ground running and bested the entire women's team by finishing in eighteenth place and scoring a sixty three point FIS result. She was followed by the captains Madison McLachlan and Katie Ulvestad, respectively. This too, was a good race for the whole team to gain some experience in a high-stakes race. Everyone took advantage of that opportunity, and although the results may not show it for all, experience was gained across the board. 
All in all, the interim trip was classically successful. Everyone took big steps in their skiing, some physically and some mentally. The superb individual results excited the entire team. We plan on carrying this excitement through the rest of the season. Everyone is going into this divisional race hungry and excited, we will dominate this race. 

Ski Olaf Alpine

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lacrosse, WI USCSA

Results from the weekend

Tough weekend for the men. Congratulations to Matt Hoffman for his first USCSA win! 
Conditions are proving to be tough, on Saturday 4 of the top 5 men went out. On the Women's side things looked a lot better. The Oles dominated both races taking 5 of 6 podium spots. 
Next weekend the Oles are off to Spirit Mountain for a FIS race.

Joe Masciopinto (Senior)

Nate Hansen (Senior)

Left: Matt Hoffman (Junior)
Middle: Grady Gores (Freshman)
Right: Lisa Koetke (Freshman)

Left: Matt Hoffman (Junior)
Right: Lisa Koetke (Freshman)

Mason Hinke (Second Year)

Matt Hoffman (Junior) 

Lisa Koetke (Freshman)

Jack Stang (Second Year)

Maddey McLachlan

Left: Katie Ulvestad (Junior)
Middle: Miranda Ness (Junior)
Right: Laura Post (First Year)

Left: Matt Hoffman
Right: Mason Hinke

Left: Lisa Koetke
Right: Laura Post

Nate Hansen
Pictures from the weekend...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thunder Bay, CA

The St. Olaf men's alpine ski team battled through weather to take seven of the nine top individual finishes at the Slalom and Giant Slalom races this weekend at the Loch Lomond FIS competition. 

Despite thick fog, heavy rain, and below zero wind chills, the Ole men found themselves on the top positions of the podium for every race throughout the weekend. Haakon Schonheyder had dominant performances finishing first in the Giant Slalom, second in the first Giant Slalom, and first in the Slalom race. Senior Nate Hansen finished in the top three for all of his races. 

Florian Weil came back to edge out teammate Schonheyder by .01 seconds for the victory in the second Giant Slalom. 

After the weekend of success, the Oles look towards their next competition, a USCSA College race at Mt. LaCrosse in Wisconsin this coming weekend. 

Freshman: Nathalie Kenny

Junior: Matt Hoffman

Freshman: Lisa Koetke

Freshman: (Left) Grady Gores (Right) Lars Midthum

Junior: (Left) Maddey McLachlan (Right) Katie Ulvestad

Monday, January 7, 2013

Granite Peak USCSA Race

Here is a recap of our weekend.
Haakon Schonheyder and Katie Ulvestad won both the Slalom and Giant Slalom races this weekend at the Granite Peak (Wausau, WI.) USCSA race.  The Ole men and women sweep the podium in the Giant Slalom (the men took the top 5 spots and the women took 5 of the top 8 spots) and took 2 of the 3 top spots in the slalom (the men took 7 of the top 10 spots and the women took 5 of the top 10 spots).  The men and women easily won both races, dominating the field the entire weekend.
Individual Results
Saturday, 1-5-13
Men's Slalom -
Haakon Schonheyder - 1st, Nate Hansen - 3rd, Grady Gores - 4th, Matt Hoffman - 5th, Lars Midthun - 8th, Joe Masciopinto - 9th and Jack Stang - 10th
Katie Ulvestad - 1st, Maddey McLachlan - 2nd, Laura Post - 4th, Lisa Koetke - 7th and Miranda Ness - 10th
Sunday, 1-6-13
Haakon Schonheyder - 1st, Grady Gores - 2nd, Nate Hansen - 3rd, Matt Hoffman - 4th, Florian Weil - 5th, Lars Midthun - 8th and Joe Masciopinto - 10th
Katie Ulvestad - 1st, Nathalie Kenny - 2nd, Maddey McLachlan - 3rd, Laura Post - 7th, Lisa Koetke - 8th and Miranda Ness - 10th
Team Results

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Update

While we have already had first snow sighting before, we had SNOW stick for the first time of the year on campus. The team was excited to see this knowing that we could potentially start on snow sooner than expected. Unfortunately the snow didn’t stick and the temperature has risen again. Hopefully the temperature will start to decrease here in the near future and stay that way, but the forecast is saying otherwise.
In order to encourage some friendly competition, we ran the stadium stairs down at the football field. We ran as entire team, including the Nordic skiers. We first ran 6 sets of stairs (2 sets every stair, 2 sets every other stair, and 2 sets every 3rd step). This helped improve foot-speed, which translates to quick feet on the hill. After our 6 sets, we raced against the Nordies up to the top of a set of stairs and down. Overall ALPINE WINS!!
Besides stairs we have been working hard at Coach’s practice by running hills on Thorson and Old Main, interval time runs (where we are sprinting for the length of a GS and slalom course and jogging in between), lifting heavy weights, and other agilities that allow us for some quick movements. We will continue this hard work off the hill with each other until the snow falls.
Thanksgiving break is coming up and it will allow for a break from the hard workout we’ve been doing. Everyone will keep working hard, some off the hill, but some will be enjoying the slopes in Colorado or other places were the snow has fallen. Hopefully we will be hitting the gates once we come back. Hope everyone had a large, yummy meal. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Well, it's official! There have have been first-snow-sightings on campus! We just need more consistently low temperatures in order for it to stick! In addition to first snow sightings,  other sure signs that snow is on it's way include the student body's transition into long sleeve shirts, and the classic puffy coats. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is!

As we anxiously await the season, the team is busy with preseason fundraising and dry-land work outs. The Captain's practices just ended a couple weeks ago, and our first week of dry-land practices with Coach Kevin are underway. In addition to working out, we are also working on fundraising. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us in this process. Through your generosity, we plan to travel with the entire team to Colorado over Interim Break to train in the big mountain conditions. This also includes the coaching fees, lane space on the mountain, and housing for our team. Without your help, none of this would be possible. We are very appreciative of your continued support, and cannot thank you enough!

We worked very hard during the past month of Captain's practices, and we're excited to show Kevin how hard we worked. We began last week's practices with a meeting solidifying our team goals, expectations, and ways the accomplish both. Later in the week, we began physical testing which included different stations. There was a station for a timed mile run, box jumps, a vertical jump test, and lastly, a shuttle run. The shuttle run was probably the most applicable to a real ski race. The quick agility and transitions of slalom are hard to simulate off snow, but this timed sequence of sprints (forward, backward, and sideways) around cones, is the closest thing we've got to slalom.

As we continue into this last month of dry-land, it's important to remember what we're working towards. We all are fueled by the accomplishments of where we left off last season, and unified by the new potential we've gained as a team this year. We couldn't be more excited for ski season.

Here are some of the new faces on the girl's team with Miranda Ness and Mckenna McNabb:

Let's Think SNOW!

Monday, September 24, 2012

2012-2013 Season Welcome!

Welcome back Friends of St. Olaf Skiing. We are glad you are back for another great season of skiing.
Our first day of school was the 6th of September and we are thrilled for another year on the hill. This past year we lost four great ole skiers: Nick, Kathleen, Max, and Genette. They will be greatly missed, on and off the ski hill. However, with every loss senior we always gain new freshmen. On the men’s side of the team we gained Lars Midthun and Grady Gores. On the women’s side we gained Laura Post, Nathalie Kenny, and Lisa Koetke. The energy on the team this year is great, we are eager for the season to start!

This past weekend the Ski Team hosted its annual golf tournament with a record turnout of 20+ people. The tournament was held at Wilinger’s and got off to a chilly start with the temperatures in the 30’s for tee-off. It turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day. Nate Hansen and Aaron Stenhaug won the tournament at -9, with the next best pair, Kevin Cook and Uros Pavlovcic, finishing at -5.
Thanks to all that made!

After golf we headed over to former ski coach Paul Wojick house for a Nordic and Alpine picnic. It was a great way for past alum to mingle with current ski team members. Thanks to Paul and his wife for being such great hosts!
The weekend created a great opportunity for all current and past skiers to get to know each other. If you did not get to make it this year, we would love to have you join us next year!
This year the St. Olaf Ski Team introduced a new fundraiser. We are excited for our new fundraiser, which will let the entire team have an active role in sharing our growth on the blog. We hope you get the chance to follow us this year!
Let it snow!